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Visas to Russia Making visas to Russia

If a foreign citizen needs a visa to Russia, he/she shall apply to the consular office of the Russian Federation personally or through his/her duly authorized representative and submit the following documents:
  1. Valid identity document and recognized as such by the Russian Federation;
  2. Invitation from the receiving party;
  3. Filled up visa application form with a photo;
  4. Photo 3cmx4 cm;
  5. Health insurance policy, unless otherwise provided for by the Russian Federation international treaties;
  6. If a foreign citizen applies for a visa for a term longer than three months, he/she shall additionally submit a HIV-negative status certificate.

For getting a visa, the applicant shall have an invitation for entry into the Russian Federation issued by the Federal Migration Service or by the Russian Federation Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

For a tourist visa, such invitation shall be issued by a tourist company having a special reference number.
Depending on the type of invitation visas are classified as:
  1. private;
  2. business;
  3. humanitarian;
  4. educational;
  5. wrok;
  6. tourist
Depending on the number of permitted entries and exits, single entry visas, or double entry visas, or multiple visas may be issued. It should be noted that the actual purpose of entry into the Russian Federation by a foreign citizen shall correspond to the type of the issued visa.


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